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4. hdparm
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Using hdparm - Speed Test
Before any of your drive's settings are changed a speed test should be done, so we can refer to it later to make sure that the drive's speed has been increased and we are not just wasting our time.
To do this hdparm can perform two benchmarks:
The speed of reading directly from the Linux buffer cache without disk access. (-t option)
The speed of reading through the buffer cache to the disk without any prior caching of data. (-T option)
The first shows us an indication of the throughput of the processor, cache, and memory of the system under test. The second measures how fast the drive can sustain sequential data reads, without any filesystem overhead.It is best to run these tests together as the second results are corrected for the first. It is also as usual to run these a couple of times to get accurate results. Here is the command you need to use:
hdparm -Tt /dev/hdb
You should some results similar to these below




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