Welcome to my git repositories on github.com

I set up some git repositories for my studying or projects on github.com yesterday. The below is the list of available repositories.
my home page: https://github.com/smilejay/
python repo: https://github.com/smilejay/python/
shell repo: https://github.com/smilejay/shell/
c/c++ repo: https://github.com/smilejay/c-cpp/
java repo: https://github.com/smilejay/java/
You can clone any of them via 'git clone' command. The following is the example to checkout my python repo.

Using my repos on github will benefit my studying and sharing codes, though there are not many codes or projects on my repos.

Here is a useful link for committing my code to the repo.


Stay hungry, stay foolish.


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